Financial Facilities According to 1400 Budget Plan


In order to finance knowledge-based and technology companies

In this fund, a variety of facilities are available to applicants, these facilities are provided through the financial return of the funds administered by the institutions as well as the employment development clauses of the country's budget law.


We are proud that in order to create employment and increase the development of a knowledge-based oil industry which is a high priority area of the Ministry of Oil, and with the aim of helping to provide the necessary equipment in domestic markets, implementing employment-creating development plans and first-time production, According to the current Budget plan of the country, we have completed due processes for granting more than 100,000,000,000,000 Rials (100 thousand billion) of facilities to companies active in the oil industry.
Therefore, facilities given to applicant groups are as follows:

Priority lines:


Energy efficiency

Digital transformation in the oil industry

Increasing the recovery factor rate through revitalization of inactive and low-efficiency wells and other solutions

Flaring and recovery of gases associated with oil

The first production of strategic products of the oil industry and the production of knowledge-based products of the oil industry

Completing the value chain of downstream oil, gas, and petrochemical industries

  Applicant companies eligible to receive facilities: legal entities in the form of knowledge-based and technological companies

and other companies with technical capabilities in the field of implementing projects related to the above-mentioned priority areas that have a current contract/ feed receipt contract/ agreement in principle with/ from the employer group.


Note- The request of the applicant companies without contracts will also be reviewed by the Ministry of Oil's Employment Development Working Group, and if it has a positive effect on the priority lines, the necessary cooperation will be provided to pay the facilities.


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