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The support plan of the fund is designed to reduce the financing challenges of knowledge-based and innovative companies. This plan provides the possibility of doubling the growth rate in accordance with the activity carried out and at preferential rates for companies that are not able to use the financial services of banks or these services are not in accordance with their estimated growth, and by removing the obstacle of insufficient credit and liquidity, it leads to an increase in the focus of entrepreneurs on the company's core activity and value creation.

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Project overview: Acceleration of companies in order to facilitate financing and provide a guarantee element including cash and non-cash payments according to existing contracts.

Duration of the plan: The duration of granting this plan to any company will be 4 years.


Contracts included in the project: contracts concluded with reputable employers in the field of oil, gas, and petrochemicals in the main activity of the applicant company.

Anticipated services for the applicant company:

Providing a contractual guarantee up to 35% of the contract value

Guarantee of obtaining working capital facilities up to 15% of the contract value

Direct financing within a week up to 7.5% of each contract and according to approved conditions

Cash payment of twice the value of the cash collateral required for contractual guarantees up to the limit of the guarantee amount determined for the first year's base

credit, within a period of two years.

In the support plan, the basic credit (the ceiling of the contracts concluded by the company to provide financial/credit services) is determined by the research and technology fund of the oil industry according to the company's situation, and it will be possible to double it according to performance with each year of the contract.

In exchange for providing the above services at a preferential rate to the applicant companies, our fund will acquire a part of that company's shares.


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