The validity of our guarantees is your support in all economic activities of the oil industry.

With the support of the shareholders and the financial team of the fund, with the aim of improving the economic activity capacity of technological and knowledge-based companies, we issue various types of guarantees like other commercial banks as follows:

Guarantee of participation in tenders and auctions

Good job performance guarantee

Advance payment guarantee

Warranty for the refund of the security deposit

Due to the presence of respected national companies of oil, gas, refining and distribution of petroleum products, petrochemical industries, etc., in the composition of the oil fund's shareholding, the validity of our guarantees is your support in all the economic activities of the oil industry.

Using credit services at the same time as guarantee and working capital loan guarantee

In order to maximize the efficiency of its customers, the fund has created simultaneous credit services for its customers. Therefore, mature knowledge-based companies in the fields of oil and gas and petrochemicals can simultaneously receive working capital loans from two services in the form of a simultaneous service plan.


  This service is assigned to applicant companies with the following conditions:

Companies whose sales of products and services are more than 3000 billion Rials.

or they have more than 500 billion Rials equity.

Simultaneous service specifications:

Issuance of contractual guarantees

Working capital loan guarantee in the

amount of 35% of the credit limit of the guarantee and by accepting the guarantee bond as part of the required collateral for the loan guarantee.

The process of reviewing the applicant's request for granting a credit limit for issuing a guarantee

Send the documents according to the "guide to the list of important documents" to the postal address of the fund or send to the e-mail address of the fund to bg@ioiv.ir

Reviewing the application by the fund's credit management and holding face-to-face meetings/visiting the desired company or project

Credit evaluation of the company and application proposal in the fund's credit institutions to approve the credit limit

Issuing the notification of credit approval and sending it to the applicant to inform about the required conditions and documents

Confirming the conditions by the applicant and completing the related forms and contracts and providing the required 

conditions and documents

Issuing the guarantee requested by the applicant


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